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Greek House Sustainability

What We Do

The Greek Sustainability Program guides in the transformation of Greek Houses into green and efficient living spaces. Our coordinators work with their Greek Eco-Rep to target four main areas of sustainability in the Houses: water, energy, recycling and waste, and composting. When a House signs up for the program, they will complete an initial house survey and sign a tailored contract, setting goals for the academic year that target these four areas and gaining accreditation at the end for completing the contract. Each house has a Green Committee that heads the program in their House composed of a member from each year. Throughout the year, each House will have preliminary and concluding audits to measure their progress, bi-weekly meetings that track this progress and makes improvements as needed.  In addition to these bi-weekly meetings, the Greek Eco-Rep is expected to attend weekly Eco-Reps meetings and participate in campus-wide sustainability events to raise awareness for other students. Our ultimate goal for this program is for the Greek Houses to be educated in the long term on sustainability matters as well as bridging together with the rest of the community through sustainability efforts.

  • Water: The Houses target the laundry room, bathroom and kitchen to decrease water usage. Signage is located in these rooms to remind the members to conserve water. Houses have drying racks, have a system to combine laundry for large loads, and use one plate per meal.
  • Energy: Technology is the main culprit of energy use, so we focus mostly here. We educate the houses on the use of power strips to eradicate vampire energy, how to properly use a laptop like sleep mode during the day and shut-down at night, and the use of cold water for laundry. 
  • Recycling and Waste: The main goal here is to divert waste from a landfill. We make sure the proper signage is located near every bin, have the bins located in proper areas, and have a 1:1 bin ratio. Waste audits are conducted and the beginning and end of each year to track progress. Houses have even looked into recycling their fryer oil.
  • Composting: Five houses own tumbling composters. They keep track of each load that goes into the composter to determine how much food was diverted from their waste over a year period. Compost at the end of each year is donated to local farms.

Greek Houses Currently Enrolled in the Program

Alpha Phi          Kappa Alpha Theta          Kappa Sigma

Phi Kappa Theta                     Pi Beta Phi               Psi Upsilon

Zeta Tau Alpha             Gamma Phi Beta        Alpha Gamma Delta

Kappa Delta         Theta Chi          Kappa Alpha            Sigma Chi

Featured Greek House of the Month

Alpha Phi is a leader in waste diversion with their composting practices. Per semester, Alpha Phi averages 368.9 pounds of food diverted from the waste stream.

“In an effort to reduce our waste, Alpha Phi composts food waste from the kitchen… It is a practice I foresee Alpha Phi practicing for a long time to try and maintain sustainability.” (Elyse Curtis, 15')

Contact Us

If your House is interested in joining the program, or you have any questions regarding the program, please contact us at