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  • A New Mobility Ecosystem
    Creating a more connected, pedestrian-friendly, and sustainable campus environment.
  • Path to Prominence
    Our vision for a stronger, more dynamic Lehigh.
  • Change is Coming
    A look at the upcoming projects that will transform our campus, enhance our academic programs, and promote greater connections.
  • Parking and Transportation Regulations
    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Connections: The Future of Mobility at Lehigh

At Lehigh University, we are embarking on an exciting transformation of our campus, and university as a whole.  Over the next decade, the implementation of the Path to Prominence plan, supported by the Connections plan, will help us to achieve the goals that we have outlined for academic achievements, student population growth, and research capabilities.  It is necessary that we work together as a community to embrace the changes and transitions outlined in this plan to support these goals and continue to make them possible.

Lehigh University and all supportive departments will continue to work with the campus community to make these transitions as pleasant and seamless as possible.  We are continually developing and implementing programs that will not only assist our students, faculty, and staff with accommodating these changes, but that will have a positive impact on the redevelopment of the Lehigh campus as a more sustainable, healthy, and active community, while enhancing our development as a preeminent institution for higher learning.

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Path to Prominence

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