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University Commitments

Lehigh University is committed to achieving sustainability in action, thought, and practice. To this end, a series of guidelines and commitments have been put into place that lay out a path to sustainability. These documents define the path forward: goals and directives focused on achieving environmental, economic, and social sustainability at Lehigh University. 

Campus Master Plan:  A 2012 document that describes the University's physical footprint as a manifestation of its expanding intellectual footprint. 

Climate Commitment: A 2009 document that pledges to make environmental sustainability and climate change an institutional priority. 

Diversity Commitments: A series of commitments including The Principles of Our Equitable Community, a list of nine core principles that serve as the foundation of our university community. 

Energy Policy: A 2014 document that outlines how Lehigh will reduce energy consumption and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions on its campuses through infrastructural and technical strategies as well as everyday efforts of students, faculty, staff, and university visitors (the “university community”)

Strategic Plan: A 2009 document that calls for the transformation of the University through the advancement of its intellectual footprint. 

Campus Sustainability Plan 2020: A 2016 document that advances the integration of environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic responsibility into our intellectual footprint.

Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System: A self reporting and rating system about the University's sustainability performance.