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Energy Conservation Month

Lehigh University is committed to energy efficiency, energy conservation, and mitigating energy-related impacts on the environment. In order to accomplish these goals, every member of the university community has the responsibility to actively participate in conserving energy. During the month of November, we challenge members of the Lehigh community to be conscious of our energy consumption behaviors, to commit to adopting new energy saving behaviors, and to engage with our peers and coworkers on the topic of energy conservation. This challenge is designed to reduce university-wide energy consumption leading into the cold dark winter months when lighting and heating is heavily used.

Lehigh's Commitments to Energy Conservation

Lehigh University has taken steps to address energy consumption and the resulting environmental and social impacts through a series of public commitments and policies:

2009 Climate Commitment: Identifies eight key actions focused on measuring, monitoring and reducing energy consumption

Campus Sustainability Plan 2020: Energy & Climate section lays out short-term, intermediate, and long-term energy conservation goals

2014 Energy Policy: Describes individual actions, technical strategies and standards for managing and reducing energy consumption

2016 Results