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Student Employees

Emily Conlin

Greek Eco-Reps Coordinator

Emily is a sophomore from Chatham, New Jersey.  She is an international relations major.  Emily is an Eco-Rep Coordinator because she thought it would be a great way to make new friends, become more involved at Lehigh, and pursue her passion for environmental sustainability.

Cole Caswell

Greek Eco-Reps Coordinator

Cole is a junior from Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  He is a Finance major, but has been interested in the environment every since he was young.  As he became older, he realized how fragile things that he had previously taken for granted were.  This is when he became interested in preserving the environment and finding ways in which he could help.  Cole is a Greek Eco-Rep Coordinator because he wanted to branch out on campus while contributing to a cause that he genuinely cares about.  Being an Eco-Rep Coordinator allows him to meet new people with varied perspectives while educating his peers about sustainable living.

Xiaowei Chen

Graphic Design Assistant

Xiaowei is currently a second year student in the College of Arts and Science pursuing a BS in Cognitive Science and Computer Science and Engineering.  Xiaowei wants to raise people's awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and living in a sustainable way. He sees working in this office as a great opportunity to accomplish his goal.

Ellie Raycroft

Graphic Design Assistant

Victoria Interra

Graduate Assistant: Campus Engagement & Outreach

Victoria is a second year master’s student in the Counseling and Human Services Program from Pleasantville, NJ. In the future, she hopes to obtain a doctorate in counseling psychology. In her position as the campus engagement and outreach graduate assistant, she hopes to help bring more awareness on how to help preserve our Earth and to also promote collaboration between different departments and colleges. 

Devon Carter

Graduate Assistant: Sustainability Metrics & Reporting

Devon has become fascinated with social interactions and how they contribute to what makes society function. As a social psychologist, he is especially interested in conflict, or as he likes to call it, competition. He is curious as to what makes competition/conflict persist and how it can play out in various situations. Being a member of the Office of Sustainability aligns with a lot of his interests regarding the efforts to improve the quality of life within (Lehigh's) society. He considers this role, as the Metrics and Reporting Graduate Assistant, a blessing as it allows him to analyze data that will help us figure out unique ways to sustain, adjust and/or improve the social and physical environment at Lehigh.


Nicole McCallum

Eco-Rep Coordinator
  • Class year: 2018
  • Hometown: Windham, Maine
  • Areas of Study: IDEAS degree with concentrations in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development and minor in Entrepreneurship 

Nicole is excited to continue working with the Office of Sustainability to spread awareness about Sustainability and to implement the new Sustainable Living Program throughout campus.

Rachel Shields

Graphic Design Assistant

Rachel is a senior from Pottsville, PA. She is an IDEAS major focusing on Computer Science, Psychology, and Design. As a graphic design assistant, Rachel is excited to explore motivators for individual changes in behavior in regards to sustainability and how to best utilize these motivators to inspire change through graphic design. 

Alek Gulkewicz

Sustainability Metrics & Reporting Assistant
  • Class Year: Sophomore
  • Hometown/State: Allentown, PA
  • Area of Study: Environmental Engineering

Alek is excited to work with a group of fellow students who all share a similar passion for sustainability and the environment.


Nick Fox

Sustainability Metrics & Reporting Assistant

Nick is a sophomore from Springfield (Del. Co.), PA. He is in the IBE program, majoring in Chemical Engineering. Nick is excited to work with the Office of Sustainability as a Metrics and Reporting Assistant because he feels he can effectively use his problem-solving and math skills to contribute to the team's goals.

Jeff Tseng

Sustainability Metrics & Reporting Assistant
  • Class of 2020
  • Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Major: Accounting

Jeff is a Metrics and Reporting Assistant because it is relevant to his field of study. In addition, he loves nature as well as living things so he is excited to be part of the group. 

Jordan Wolman

Communications & Events Assistant

Jordan is a freshman from Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Though currently undecided, he is enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences and is interested in the fields of journalism, psychology and political science (among many others). He is excited to promote a concept that is important to him throughout campus: the environment. We can’t live without it, and he is thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to use his passions and skills in writing and communication to fulfill this mission.

Henrietta Lukacs

Sustainability Metrics & Reporting Assistant

Henrietta is a junior from Pottstown, PA. She is majoring in Astrophysics with a plan of minoring in Environmental Science. She is excited to be apart of the Office of Sustainability because she gets to work with fellow students that have the same passion for environmental sustainability as she does. The Sustainability Metrics & Reporting Assistant position allows her to bring her experience with mathematics and science to a real world problem.

Sarah Epstein

Communications & Events Assistant

Sarah is a junior from Needham, MA, majoring in Journalism and Health, Medicine & Society. She is a member of Kappa Delta and an associate photo editor for the Brown and White. As a communications and events assistant, Sarah is excited to work with the Lehigh community in order to promote sustainability in fun and engaging ways on campus.

Garret Anderson

Sustainability Metrics & Reporting Assistant

Katie Volpe

Communications & Events Assistant

Katie is a freshman from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. She is planning on majoring in biology. She is excited to be working in the Office of Sustainability as a Communications and Events Assistant because it is a great opportunity to help educate her peers on important environmental issues and make the campus more environmentally friendly. 

Laura Marsiglio

Sustainability Metrics & Reporting Assistant
  • Class of 2021
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Major: IDEAS program for Electrical Engineering and Environmental Science

Laura is excited to work for the Office of Sustainability because she has always been passionate about the environment. The Metrics & Reporting Assistant position will allow her to contribute to sustainability on a larger scale, which will broaden her positive impact on the world.

Sammi Thomas

Communications & Events Assistant

Sammi is a  junior majoring in Environmental Studies & Anthropology with a minor in Spanish. She is from Buffalo, NY and is excited to be working for the office because getting the word out to young adults and getting them to care and want to be more educated about the environment is the first step in making change. She is happy that she can put her knowledge of eco-friendly habits can be used to educate others.

Julie Goldberg

Sustainable Office Program Assistant
  • Class Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Paxton, Massachusetts
  • Major: Environmental Engineering

Julie has always been very passionate about the environment, and she is so excited to work with people who share the same goals and mentality. Lehigh has a beautiful campus and wonderful faculty, students, and other staff, but it can always be more sustainable. She cannot wait to work with such a dedicated team towards making this campus (and community) better than it ever has been before! 

Sky Schneider

Graphic Design Assistant

Skylar is a sophomore from Dix Hills, New York and is undecided in the College of Business and Economics. She is very excited to work with the Office of Sustainability to help spread the word about different events on campus to promote sustainability. She is also excited to meet new people and learn for herself the different ways she can promote sustainability on campus.

Alie MacVicar

Sustainability Metrics & Reporting Assistant

Alie is a freshman from Tallahassee, Florida.  She is pursuing a degree in environmental science. She is also currently on the women’s varsity rowing team. As an environmental science major, global and local sustainability is at the core of her concerns. She is so excited to have the opportunity to learn how sustainability measures are implemented locally. She hopes to take what she learns in the office back home to Florida, where she plans to pursue a career in marine and coastal conservation.

Patrick Ellison

Communications & Events Assistant

Patrick is a sophomore in the Computer Science and Business Program. Hailing from the Jersey Shore, he hopes to continue his care for environmental issues here at Lehigh.  He loves finding new and innovative ways to upcycle.

Amanda Nedelkoff

Graphic Design Assistant

Amanda is from Ramsey, NJ. Her position in the office is Graphic Design Assistant. She is in the College of Business and Economics and possibly majoring in Marketing and minoring in Graphic Design. She is excited to work for the Office of Sustainability so that she can become more involved in Lehigh's efforts toward environmental awareness.  

Samantha Smith

Eco-Reps Coordinator

Sam is a senior from Moon Township, PA pursuing a dual degree in Environmental Studies and Marketing.  Sam has been involved in Eco-Reps since her first semester at Lehigh and this is her third year as a coordinator for the program. She is also involved in the University Choir and is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.  Sam has been passionate about sustainability all her life and is always excited to learn more about the environmental field.  She hopes to inspire her peers to be more conscious about their environmental impact and to make a difference through their eco-friendly habits!

Nicholas Hoffman

Eco-Reps Coordinator

Nicholas is a junior from Langhorne, PA.  He is in the P.C. Rossin School of Engineering. Nicholas has been involved with the Eco-Reps program since his first semester at Lehigh. In addition to the Eco-Rep program, Nicholas is involved in Lehigh Valley Cru. Nicholas is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace and hopes to integrate sustainability into his future work to make as large an impact as possible.

Olivia Barz

Eco-Reps Coordinator

Olivia is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Earth and Environmental Science. Olivia is an Eco-Rep because she understands that education is the most important aspect of protecting the environment and she is happy to be so involved in educating her peers about sustainability.  She hopes to get a job working with either environmental policy or environmental education. She is most passionate about recycling and clean energy use.

Dana Pierce

Greek Eco-Reps Coordinator

Dana is senior enrolled in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering, pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering. She is from Middletown, NJ, a town in central Jersey near the coast, which sparked her interest in the environment. Dana is a Greek Eco-Rep Coordinator. Her position implements sustainable practices within the Sorority and Fraternity Facilities. Dana hopes to bring her own experiences within Greek facilities and use them to change the habits of her peers. On campus, she is also a member of Gamma Phi Beta. Dana hopes to promote a more sustainable environment throughout the entire campus particularly within waste diversion during her time at the Office of Sustainability. 

Samuel Littman

Greek Eco-Reps Coordinator

Samuel is a senior in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering pursuing a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering and a business minor. As an active member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, Sam’s concern about environmental issues drove him to become a Greek Eco-Rep Coordinator. In his position, he helps other Greek houses make and execute their own sustainability plans by offering educational help, advice, and some excitement. He hopes that this can help make Lehigh a greener campus.

Allie Gleich

Sustainable Office Certification Assistant

Allie is a sophomore from East Windsor, NJ. She plans on majoring in economics and minoring in political science. She is a member of Alpha Phi, she is on the Campus Outreach board for the Association of Student Alumni, and she plays club field hockey. In the future, she hopes to attend law school and work at the EPA.

Megan Lomuto

Communications & Events Assistant

Megan is a junior from Rockville Centre, New York studying finance and psychology. Megan has been passionate about environmental and social awareness since she was in high school. She was elected the green chair of her sorority her first-year at Lehigh and started working at the Office of Sustainability her sophomore year as a communications and events assistant. This job has given Megan the opportunity to learn about and promote sustainability to the Lehigh community. She is excited to see Lehigh evolve into a more eco-friendly and equitable community. 

Anna Hollander

Eco-Reps Coordinator

Anna is a senior from Brooklyn, NY.  She is studying journalism and communications and is double minoring in music and the music industry.  Anna joined the Eco-Reps Program in Spring 2017 as a coordinator. She is an Eco-Rep Coordinator because she wanted to continue her passion for protecting the environment and she thought being an Eco-Rep Coordinator would be the perfect opportunity to stay engaged while learning how to live more sustainably.