Culture & Engagement Goals

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Engaging the campus community to embrace diverse perspectives and cultivate environmental stewardship is one of Lehigh’s top priorities. Lehigh is weaving sustainable practices into all levels of the institution and fostering a “One Lehigh” sustainability culture across the university’s three campuses.


Goal 1

Develop digital resources for students on sustainability internships, careers, professional development opportunities, etc. by 2022 and create an electronic Lehigh sustainability pamphlet to showcase key impacts and accomplishments by 2023.

Goal 2

Include sustainability in Lehigh's annual report by 2021.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

Goal 3

Create and sustain a campus culture that acknowledges and celebrates diversity, fosters inclusive excellence and is committed to being antiracist.

Goal 4

Create and sustain an institutional infrastructure that effectively supports progress in achieving its diversity, equity, inclusion goals.

Goal 5

Attract, recruit, hire, and retain a high-quality and diverse faculty and staff dedicated to student development, professional excellence, continuing growth, and diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracist practices and principles.

Goal 6

Attract, recruit, admit and graduate a talented and diverse student body equipped with the necessary socio-cultural competencies to meet the demands of the 21st-Century global workforce.

Campus Involvement

Goal 7

Expand the Sustainable Office Program to reach 70% of full-time faculty and staff by 2024, 85% by 2026 and 100% by 2030.

Goal 8

Fully integrate the Eco-Rep Leadership Program in residence halls and Greek houses by reaching 80% awareness among residents by 2024 and 90-100% by 2027. Increase campus event participation by 15% per academic year.

Goal 9

 By 2022, develop a comprehensive Farmers’ Market Sustainable Practices Plan and Guide that elevates the Bethlehem Farmers’ Market’s own practices in regard to the three pillars of sustainability. It will be fully implemented by 2024. The plan and guide will serve as an open resource to other markets.

Goal 10

Create two annual competitions between Lehigh and Lafayette for Campus Race to Zero Waste (RecycleMania) and Energy Conservation Month by 2022.

Goal 11

Conduct a comprehensive sustainability training with First Year Experience staff and international orientation leaders each spring starting in 2021. Ensure sustainability is omnipresent throughout all orientations by developing an integration plan, implementing the plan in phases and fully implementing by 2025.

Goal 12

By 2022, form a working group to develop a Sustainability Action Plan for Lehigh Athletics. Finalize and implement the plan by 2023. Evaluate plan progress/completion and expansion/retraction in 2024.

Goal 13

Increase the percentage of staff that participate in sustainability professional development and trainings to 80% or more from 2021-2025.

Goal 14

Build, develop and offer more professional development opportunities that integrate sustainability, core success factors, leadership and Lehigh values by 2025.