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Is this program required by the United Nations?

No, the process to be recognized is completely voluntary, meaning Missions may opt in or out as they see fit. The program is simply designed to provide guidance towards establishing leadership in Sustainability.

Are there costs to participate?

Yes. The evaluation process costs $3,000, which includes a site visit by the student team, the assessment and recommendations, and an end of review summary and plaque.

What are the costs of implementation?

Just like the program itself, implementing recommendations is in no way required.

Our goal is to always make cost-effective recommendations based on leading research, but we understand that resources are limited. Therefore, the costs of implementation are entirely elective and can even be scaled depending on the level of implementation to fit any budget.

It is important to note, however, that there may be costs from non-compliance with the city of New York which requires certain sustainable practices in office facilities.

Why should we get involved?

This program will not only give Missions a platform to become leaders of sustainability, but it also allows them to adopt practices shown to reduce operation costs over time, if not immediately. Additionally, partnering with our team is an opportunity to demonstrate your country’s commitment to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs in a tangible, local way.

Can we continue to partner after we have completed the process?

Yes! A Mission does not have to repeat the program to maintain their recognition status, however they can certainly continue their partnership with Lehigh University seeking further improvements and recognition as the process is designed to allow for continual iterative improvements.

Will the Lehigh Team be available to guide us through the process?

Yes, in addition to making recommendations we are happy to assist in the completion of both the Baseline Survey, meant to measure current status, as well as our Checklist of Actions, which allows us to recognize Missions’ for their commitment.

How can we get started?

Click here for an Executive Summary of our process. If you are interested, please contact us by emailing