K-Cup Recycling Program

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What is it?

A program to help you easily recycle your k-cups!  Just brew your coffee and then drop the entire pod into a k-cup recycling bin!

Who can participate?

All Lehigh students, faculty, and staff.  Place a k-cup recycling bin in any office or house.

What k-cups can be recycled?

Keurig k-cup pods, including their partner brands.  WB Mason coffee pod brands.  Click here for a graphic of all accepted brands.

How do I get a k-cup recycling bin?

View instructions to request a k-cup recycling bin HERE.

How are bins collected?

Secure contents of bin with tape and attached plastic zip tie.

All: Drop off bin at Lehigh Mail Center, any UPS location, or contact UPS (1-800-PICK-UPS) to set up a pickup.

Office: Place bin in your office mail location.  Mail Center will pick it up.

Is it free?

It's FREE!  All expenses are covered by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Why recycle k-cups?

To divert landfill waste and re-purpose materials!  The Grounds To Grow On Program allows coffee drinkers to easily recycle their entire k-cup.


Contact Linda Roberts, University Business Services: llr1@lehigh.edu or ext 8-3841.