K-Cup Recycling Program

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The K-Cup Recycling Program helps you easily recycle your K-Cups. Just brew your coffee and then drop the entire pod into the k-cup recycling bin!

The K-Cup Recycling Program is a free program available to all Lehigh students, faculty, and staff designed to divert landfill waste and repurpose materials. Simply brew your coffee, drop the entire pod into the k-cup recycling bin, and then enjoy your coffee! Bins can be placed in any office or house.

Which coffee pods can be recycled?

All Kerurig k-cup pods and their partner brands are recyclable. This includes: Kahlua, Folgers, Krispy Kreme, Gevalia, Caribou Coffee, Green Mountain, Shazam, Newman’s Own, Revv, Lipton, Bigelow, Dunkin Donuts, Djedrich Coffee, Cafe Escapes, Tully’s Coffee, Donut Shop, Keurig, New England Coffee,Celestrial Seasonings, Cafe Bustelo, Peet’s Coffee, Eight O’Clock, Cinnabon, McCafe, Gloria Jean’s, Coffee People, Swiss Miss, Timothy’s, Maxwell House, Laughing Man, Barista Prima Coffeehouse, Donut House, Tetly, Twinings, Lavazza, Green Mountain, and W.B. Mason coffee pod brands.

See a full list of accepted pods here.


How are bins collected?

Secure contents of bin with tape and attached plastic zip tie.

Place bin in your office mail location (campus mail) and a carrier will pick up OR drop bin at the Mail Center in Farrington Square.

Request K-Cup Recycling Bin


Contact the Office of Sustainability at sustainability@lehigh.edu.