Electronic Waste

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Lehigh now collects and recycles electronic waste (e-waste) owned by Lehigh at any time throughout the year.  Faculty/staff may also bring in their unwanted personally-owned desktop, laptop, and tablet computers for disposal.  In 2019, Lehigh recycled approximately 9 tons of e-waste!  


Where Do I Recycle Electronic Waste?

  • You can contact Glenn Strause, Surplus Property Manger, via ghs2@lehigh.edu and a courier will be dispatched to your location to pickup and responsibly recycle any unwanted electronic items. This enhanced level of service is brought to you by LU Business Services. 

What Electronics are Recyclable?


Note: Although the disposal team will erase hard disk drives, you should erase your own drives for added peace of mind.  Instructions for erasing your hard disk drives.


For more information contact Glenn Strause (ghs2@lehigh.edu).