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Aerial view of Lehigh campus

Staff Members

Audrey McSain
Sustainability Director
Kelley Versocki
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Deb Martin
Bethlehem Farmers' Market Manager

Integrating financially prudent, just, and verdant practices into our operations and educational opportunities has a long history at Lehigh University.  The alignment of these sustainability values with our practices  embodies  our  motto,  “Homo  Minister  et  Interpres  Naturae,” which loosely translates to “Man, the servant and  interpreter of nature.” Furthermore, they facilitate creativity  and innovation across our campus as well as leadership within higher education. These sustainability values also capture faculty, alumni and students’ legacy of merging passion with grit. 

The Office of Sustainability, founded in 2010, and the Lehigh Sustainability Council, established in 2008, are two campus entities focused on sustainability. In addition, commitment to and leadership around sustainability are also found throughout the campus - from the President's Office to student clubs. We invite you to explore Lehigh's sustainability website to learn about the campus's dynamic teaching and learning, operations and student experience that embody a campus for the leaders of tomorrow.

View Lehigh's Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030 and Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) report here.