• 2022 Progress Report for the Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030 Released
    Two years after its release, Lehigh’s second Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030 Progress Report shows key progress towards goals.
  • Lehigh Releases Climate Action Strategy
    The Climate Action Strategy establishes a goal of achieving net carbon neutrality by 2040.
  • Hungry Hawks App and Web Interface Take Flight
    The new platform helps address food waste and food insecurity on Lehigh's campus.
  • Lehigh Partners in Solar Array Project to Power Goodman Campus
    The proposed project, which will be installed on a swath of university-owned land on Goodman Campus, is in line with the goals of Lehigh’s Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030.
  • Lehigh Accepts Green Ribbon Schools Sustainability Award
    The university was just one of five post-secondary institutions nationwide to receive the U.S. Department of Education award Tuesday at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. Photo: Flickr/U.S. Department of Education
  • Lehigh Named Green Ribbon Schools Postsecondary Sustainability Awardee
    The university was just one of five postsecondary institutions to be honored by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Lehigh Awarded 2020 Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant
    The DEP has awarded Lehigh $24,412 to purchase three EVs and one electric all-terrain vehicle as part of transitioning the university police department to EVs.
  • Lehigh Launches Campus Sustainable Impact Fellowship
    The multi-year, interdisciplinary projects focus on advancing Lehigh’s Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030 goals which align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Striving for Sustainability
    Lehigh has a bold 10-year plan for sustainability on campus. As the university addresses its environmental impact, we take the opportunity to highlight 6 alumni who are doing their part for a more sustainable planet.
  • Lehigh Releases Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030
    The newly-released plan will build on a legacy of integrating financially prudent, just, and verdant practices into the values of Lehigh.
  • Lehigh Pledges to Increase Electric Vehicle Purchases
    Lehigh joins Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative, an initial group of 11 universities and colleges who pledge to increase total electric vehicle commitments by 225 fleets, to almost 3,800 electric vehicles.

Focus Areas

Climate Action

Seeking innovative solutions to address climate change and resiliently adapting to its effects

Educational Experience

Developing and empowering tomorrow’s leaders by integrating sustainability into the university’s educational experience

Campus Operations

Seeking and embracing innovative ways to enhance operational efficiency, save money, and increase the overall well-being of the university and the community

Culture and Engagement

Fostering a “One Lehigh” culture of sustainability that incorporates diverse perspectives and cultivates environmental stewardship through sustainable practices across all levels

Health and Wellness

Promoting improved health and wellness throughout our community with healthy food options, employee wellness programming, and purposeful landscape and building designs

Focused Leadership

Leading the way in becoming a model sustainable campus by seeking and embracing new solutions that support long-term sustainable change