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Sustainable Office Program

Lehigh University’s Sustainable Office Program is a voluntary, self-guided program designed for faculty and staff to take the lead on promoting sustainable practices in the workplace. By taking action in a variety of topic areas, offices can reduce their environmental footprint, be responsible stewards of university’s resources, and contribute to Lehigh’s sustainability goals and commitments. 



Complete the registration form. Once your registration is submitted, a member of our Sustainable Office team will contact you.


Baseline Survey

Complete the baseline survey, which is a general audit of your office space.   You can view a PDF version of the baseline survey below before you begin.



Meet with the Office of Sustainability's Sustainable Office Program team to go over your baseline survey, discuss office improvements, and determine next steps.


Checklist of Actions

Complete the checklist of actions. Depending on the number of actions you complete, your office will receive bronze, silver, gold or platinum certification.  You can view a PDF version of the checklist of actions below before you begin.


Thank you for taking the initiative to make Lehigh more sustainable!


Depending on the number of action items your office is able to complete, your office will receive bronze, silver, gold or platinum Sustainable Office certification!



Frequently Asked Questions




Contact Us

Please contact the Office of Sustainability ( with any questions, concerns, or ideas.