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Lehigh develops generations of future leaders who strive to solve pressing global climate challenges for years to come.  Our institution has a legacy of seeking cutting-edge solutions that merge environmentally responsible behaviors with equitable community practices.  Through Lehigh's campus sustainability efforts, we are bringing theory to practice across all three of our campuses. We invite you to share in the responsibility for driving our future success.  With your support, Lehigh is able to seek and embrace new solutions that support long term sustainable change. Change begins with action.

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Since 2010, Lehigh has achieved numerous sustainability accomplishments.  All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without YOU.

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Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance


The Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance is a group of alumni, faculty and staff committed to sustainability — the economic, environmental, and social aspects – in professions and industries of the Lehigh community.  The goals of the Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance are:

  • To facilitate and create opportunities for Lehigh alumni to advance their careers in sustainability-focused and sustainability-related industries.
  • To strive to contribute to the on-campus academic and operational goals of the University through experiential learning opportunities.
  • To generate interdisciplinary connections that strengthen the reputation and support the mission and goals of Lehigh University.

With these goals in mind, and with a strong connection to Lehigh’s Office of Sustainability, Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance members are committed to bringing their experience and expertise back to Lehigh to help shape the next generation of professionals in the field as well as helping Lehigh alumni thrive professionally.

Contact Us

If you are a Lehigh alumnus interested in becoming a member of the alumni alliance, click here.  If you are interested in Lehigh's sustainability efforts more generally, or want to learn more, contact Delicia Nahman at

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Thank you for your interest in making a gift to Lehigh’s sustainability initiatives.  Lehigh recognizes its responsibility to be a model sustainable campus and to contribute to the health of our planet as a whole.  Our mission is to seamlessly integrate sustainability into Lehigh’s operations, curriculum, co-curriculum, research, and engagement with the broader community.

To achieve this mission, we actively work on policies and programs with operational and academic units that integrate sustainability into work, research, and learning.  We also encourage the Lehigh community to continue to build upon our collective knowledge and passion to further enhance sustainability. Together we can build a more sustainable Lehigh both on campus and beyond.

Your Gift
  • Supports experiential learning outside the classroom
  • Assists in developing future leaders who will strive to solve pressing global climate challenges for years to come
  • Funds campus projects that enhance resiliency, risk mitigation, and smart growth
  • Makes it possible for faculty, staff, and students to utilize the campus as a living laboratory
  • Integrates sustainability principles into the cultural fabric of the university
  • Creates a campus that merges environmentally responsible solutions with equitable community practices

If you have questions or specific areas of interest, please contact us at