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Lehigh has a battery recycling program coordinated by Environmental Health & Safety and the Office of Sustainability. Two clear plastic battery recycling bins, labeled Rechargeable Batteries and Alkaline Batteries, are located in 14 locations (see below) throughout campus. 

Where Do I Recycle Batteries?

  • Chemistry Department Office (393 Mudd)

  • Environmental Health & Safety (211 Warren Square)

  • LU Facilities (461 Webster Street)

  • Fairchild Martindale Library (Main Floor)

  • Iacocca Hall (1st Floor near C/D Wing Intersection)

  • Lamberton Hall (Foyer)

  • Lewis Lab (Room 212)

  • Packard Lab (Room 124)

  • Packer House (Lower Level)

  • STEPS (Lower Level)

  • Transportation Services (126 Goodman Drive)

  • University Center (1st Floor Main Lobby)

  • Whitaker Lab (Room 470)

  • 3rd and New St (4th floor kitchen)


What Batteries are Recyclable?

Note: Please cover all terminals with adhesive tape prior to disposal.  

Download a copy of our battery poster.






For more information contact Elaine Kuchera (ex. 84248 or or visit Lehigh University’s Environmental Health and Safety Department’s website: