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Lehigh is implementing innovative trash and recycling operational changes.  Recently, LU Facilities deployed 27 sets of Bigbelly solar compacting trash and recycling bins. These bins hold more than a traditional bin and send a notification when they are full.  These changes are increasing efficiency, improving our waste diversion rate, saving money, and building a campus community for the 21st century!

Where Do I Recycle?

Offices and Academic Buildings

Recycling: Please use the designated blue bins labeled with a "recycling" sign in your building 

Residence Halls and Greek Houses

Recycling: Please use the designated blue bins labeled with a "recycling" sign in each waste closet in residence halls or outside the hall/house by the toters. 

Outdoor Receptables

Recycling: Please use the designated black metal recycling bins, labeled "recycling", and the Bigbelly solar compacting recycling bins, labeled "recycling" that can be found throughout Lehigh's campus.  

What is Recyclable?

Lehigh has single stream recycling, which is when clean cans and bottles are mixed together in the same blue container with paper and glass.  The success of this system depends on individuals only placing recyclable items in the blue recycling bins and making sure that items are empty and free of food residue.

Download a copy of our recycling poster.

Download a copy of the trash and recycling list.  

Are you looking for advertising space to target the Lehigh community?  Check out the advertising options on the Big Belly trash and recycling bins in Farrington Square!

To request a trash or recycling bin, you may put in a work order.



Contact Dan O'Brien, Associate Director, Custodial, Grounds and Athletics (