Campus Tree Advisory Committee

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A Campus Tree Advisory Committee was formed in 2021.  It includes a representatives from students, faculty, LU Facilities, the community, and alumni.  The committee is responsible for providing guidance to LU Facilities and the Office of Sustainability as it relates to the Tree Care Plan.  The committee's role is to serve as a sounding board in an advisory capacity.  They also provide guidance for future planning and assist with education of the campus population and development of connectivity to the community.  

Faculty and Staff

Bob Booth
Ben Felzer
Dan O'Brien
Doug Spengel
Jeremy Mack
Stacey Kimmel-Smith
Dan Schwartz
Karen Williamson
Katharine Targett Gross
Glenn Piper

Student Representatives

Laura Marsiglio
Ajah Quawiy
Matt Giovetsis
Christie Ortega
Gabriela Birardi

Community Members

Christy Roysdon
Rick Weisman
David Shaffer


Ben Walmer