Criteria for evaluating Sustainable Initiative Grant applications

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Community Garden at LehighSuccessful applications will...

 Advance sustainability in operation of the Lehigh campuses.

-Projects can directly address sustainability on Lehigh's campuses or in the capacity that off-campus or community activities influence on-campus sustainability.

-This includes a broad range of considerations, including but not limited to energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste reduction, transportation management, green procurement, green buildings, wildlife/habitat conservation, and education.

Have a clearly-defined, measurable outcome within the proposed timeframe. 

-All projects will have a mechanism for evaluation and follow-up after funding has been disbursed.

-Project leaders will be expected to provide a report and presentation made to the Lehigh Sustainability Council after implementation.

Incorporate publicity, education and outreach.

-The project should include some component that raises greater awareness of sustainability issues on Lehigh’s campuses.

-This might include an outreach component, an article in a Lehigh publication, or the fact that the project is conducted in public view.

Contain a component of direct student and faculty/staff collaboration.

-Such projects include, but are not limited to internships, initiatives with students in oversight bodies, student research, student clubs, and projects proposed by students.

Demonstrate innovation and creativity in approaching sustainability issues.

-Projects that are similar to projects that have been awarded in the past demonstrate feasiblity and thus funding should be sought out from other departments on campus.

Show potential to continue beyond the duration of the project.

-Will the project continue and be incorpated into daily campus life?

-Can the project scale to other areas or deparments at Lehigh and/or the surrounding community?

These criteria are part of the Sustainabile Initiative Grant Bylaws.