LEED Certified Buildings

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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System which is a system that sets criteria to rate a building's environmental efficacy. The USGBC awards points for green measures such as sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. A certified project may fall into one of the four LEED classifications: Certified (40-49 points earned), Silver (50-59 points earned), Gold (60-79 points earned), and Platinum (80+ points earned). 

Lehigh’s building and land use philosophy is a nod to our legacy and our historical character, while also considering connectivity and environmental stewardship. Lehigh has established standards that require all new and existing campus construction be built to USGBC LEED Silver (or equivalent) standards or higher. 

STEPS Building

LEED Gold, 2011

STEPS, which opened in 2010, is a LEED Gold certified building that houses cutting-edge classrooms and labs that facilitate interdisciplinary work in science, technology, environment, policy, and society. It is a 135,000 square foot building at the corner of West Packer and Vine Street. It is the first building on the Lehigh campus to earn a LEED certification for new constrcution.

Green features incorporated into the building design began with the site selection—which preserved a large portion of the original green lawn space—and also included lighting considerations that maximized natural daylight potential, an energy recovery system, water conservation features, a vegetated roof, low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials in paints and carpet, the use of sustainable materials in construction and design, waste reduction features, and sustainable building systems.

Willams Hall

LEED Gold, 2016

Williams, which was renovated in 2015, is a LEED Gold certified building that was completely renovated to become a lively interdisciplinary academic building and global hub for students. It is a 63,000 square-foot building located on Williams Drive. It is the firist building on the Lehigh campus to earn a LEED certification for a renovation.

Green features include optimized energy performance, water-efficient landscaping, low VOC-emitting materials, a heat island minimizing roof, and more.


LEED Certified, 2020

Chandler-Ullmann Hall, which was renovated in 2019, is a LEED Certified building that was completely renovated to preserve the historial integrity and envelope of the building, while upgrading the interior. It is a 95,000 square foot building located on Memorial Drive East.

Green features include low VOC-emitting materials, indoor chemical and pollutant source control, reused building materials, lighting and thermal controls, and more.

Singleton, Hitch, and Maida

Pursuing LEED Silver, 2022

Singleton, Hitch, & Maida is a new residential building completed in 2020 that consists of three connected wings. It is pursuing LEED Silver certification. It is a 147,000 square foot building located on West 8th Street.

Green features include low flow fixtures, room occupancy sensors, low VOC building and finish materials, daylighting strategies to harness natural light, a green roof, native plantings, pervious pavement, and more.

Health, Science, and Technology

Pursuing LEED Gold, 2022

Health, Science, and Technology is a new building currently under construction that will be the home of the College of Health. It is pursuing LEED Gold certification and Fitwel Three Star certification. It will be a 190,000 square foot building that provides modern research and teaching space. It is located on the corner of Morton Street and Webster Street.

Green features will include a rainwater reclamation system for non-potable water usage (flushing toilets, irrigation), innovative chilled beams to conserve energy, use of low VOC materials to ensure healthy air quality, a green roof and reflective roofing, and more.

Clayton University Center Renovation

Pursuing LEED TBD, TBD

The Clayton University Center will be renovated and reimagined as a true center for student and campus life over the next few years. It will be pursuing a LEED certification.

The building is currently in the design phase and green features are being determined. Stay tuned!

Rauch Business Center Expansion

Pursuing LEED Silver, 2022

The College of Business Expansion will be a new building that will allow for innovative ways of teaching and expansion of programs. It will be pursuing LEED Silver certification. It will be a 74,000 square foot building located catty-corner to the current Rauch Business Center.

Stay tuned for the green features!