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Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability was created to centralize sustainability initiatives and reduce Lehigh's environmental footprint. The Office of Sustainability encourages and facilitates sustainability efforts of students, faculty, and staff and initiates programs that contribute to a sustainable Lehigh. The Office strives to instill sustainable best practices across the university in an effort to significantly reduce negative impacts on the natural environment.

The mission of the Office of Sustainability is to make Lehigh University a model of sustainability and to integrate social equity, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity into university operations and life. The Office of Sustainability works with campus and community partners to create a culture of sustainability on Lehigh's campus. 

The creation of the office was coordinated by Delicia Nahman, Lehigh's Sustainability Officer since 2010. Delicia was tasked with organizing sustainability efforts on campus, drafting the university's first Sustainability Plan, and integrating sustainability events and resource conservation measures into everyday operations. In 2013, the Sustainability Program Manager position was created to further engage students, staff and faculty in sustainability initiatives and to promote sustainable behavior-change. The Office of Sustainability strives to address issues of sustainability in daily life (recycling, green building, composting), while simultaneously seeking to influence the long-term sustainability of Lehigh University. 

In July 2015, the Office of Sustainability joined Lehigh University Business Services (UBS), which is comprised of Printing and Mailing Services, Mail at Campus Square, Purchasing Services, Licensing and Trademarks, Travel, Transportation and Parking Services, Campus Square, and the Lehigh University Bookstore. In support of Lehigh University's goals, University Business Services promotes and pursues initiatives that will improve the sustainability efforts of the University as a whole. To learn more about UBS-wide sustainability initiatives, please visit the UBS website

Prior to joining UBS, the Office of Sustainability was part of Lehigh University Facilities Services & Campus Planning Department.