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Planning & Administration

As we promote diversity and equity through educational programming, ensure quality of life standards for all campus members, and continue to be an integral part of the larger community-building process, we enrich Lehigh’s relationship with residents across the region and around the world. We provide education on issues of diversity and inclusion in the classroom and around campus and foster diversity among faculty and staff to help create a more accessible Lehigh. 



• Institution has adopted 1) a framework for engaging internal stakeholders (i.e. students, staff, faculty) in governance; and/or 2) a framework for engaging external stakeholders (i.e. local community members) in the institution’s governance, strategy and operations.


• Conduct surveys to measure employee satisfaction and engagement addressing: job satisfaction, work/life balance and learning and advancement opportunities.

• Begin tracking workplace injuries and occupational disease annually and set goals to reduce them.


• Administer or participate in programs to help build a diverse faculty.

• To create policies and programs to make accessible and support non-traditional students.


• In the 2015-2016 award year, Lehigh University awarded over $60M in need-based grants to over 1900 students.

• The Office of Administration sponsors recruitment programs such as Diversity Achievers Program (DAP) and informational sessions during freshman orientation that focuses on adjusting first generation or low income college students to campus life and academics.

• The Office of Admissions has intentionally increased its recruitment efforts to predominantly low-income and first-generation students in targeted metropolitan cities as well as rural areas.

• Lehigh meets on average 98% of the financial need of students. 50% of the students directly benefit from these support programs.

• The university’s Employee Wellness Program provides programs, resources, and activities that promote a healthy campus to 722 participants.