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Sustainable Living Program


What is the Sustainable Living Program?

The Sustainable Living Program is a voluntary, self-guided program coordinated by the Eco-Rep Leadership Program.  It is designed for students in residence halls and Greek houses to take the lead in making their living spaces and daily routines more sustainable.  The certification process includes specific questions that address day-to-day living habits in various categories including energy, water, purchasing, recycling, food/dining, involvement, and innovations.  By taking action in a variety of topic areas, students can reduce their environmental impact, be responsible stewards of the university’s resources, and contribute to Lehigh’s sustainability goals and commitments.'

Why should you apply to the Sustainable Living Program?

If you are a Lehigh student who is interested in becoming more sustainable, a student who already takes conscious actions to be sustainable, or a student who wants to show that they a leader within the community, you should apply to the Sustainable Living Program! You will be recognized for your leadership and initiative and have the opportunity to learn simple steps to become even more sustainable.

“I applied to SLP because I thought it was an important step in looking at our own actions and everyday living styles. I think it’s important to be introspective about how we live because we have a finite amount of resources and we need to be conscious about how much of them we are using.” - Chris Miller '21


“I applied to the SLP because I wanted to see how environmentally conscious I was being in my own living space and since I’ve completed the checklist I’ve been more likely to use less energy and waste less. The checklist is pretty extensive so I’ve learned other ways to be sustainable.” - Elise Thren '21


“I applied because I’ve always been interested in the environmental sciences and sustainability and every little person makes a difference. If I started to do this, I can make an impression on my roommate and we can both be sustainability and maybe other people in our dorm would and then it could snowball into all of Lehigh doing this and could be a huge impact.” - Jane Le '20

How do I apply?

Fill out the Checklist of Actions and submit it.  You must commit to at least the first 10 actions in order to receive any level of certification.




An Eco-Rep who lives in your building will schedule a time to go over your completed Checklist of Actions with you.  The Eco-Rep will award you the appropriate medallion and prize based on the level of certification you achieve.


You can re-certify for a higher level of certification within the same academic year, if desired.  You must apply for certification each new academic year since your living situation will change.



Depending on the number of action items you are able to complete, your room will receive bronze, silver, gold or platinum Sustainable Living Certification!

     Bronze: 10-24 actions         Silver: 25-39 actions           Gold: 40-54 actions          Platinum: 55+ actions




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