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Summer Starts with Silver for Lehigh University’s Business Services

This summer began with a boom for Lehigh University’s Business Services (UBS), who earned silver certification in May through the Sustainable Office Program. UBS became one of 13 certified offices on Lehigh’s campus (and now there are 15!). Currently, the program has 6 bronze, 6 silver, and 3 gold certified offices.  Out of 175 possible sustainable actions, UBS routinely does 71 of them, and is working towards improving even more.

The Sustainable Office Program is a voluntary, self-guided program designed for faculty and staff to take the lead on promoting environmental practices in the workplace. Through the program, an office has the freedom to define itself. An office can be considered anything from a two-person cubicle to an entire building. While most certified offices keep their space small, UBS challenged themselves by setting out to certify their entire building.

Linda Roberts is UBS’s Sustainable Office Representative and aided in communication between UBS and the Office of Sustainability during the certification process. She is particularly passionate about the waste and recycling focus area within the Sustainable Office Program. Roberts draws attention to the importance of recycling by saying, “I believe we need to take care of our planet by being more aware and recycling things that can and should be recycled. Not only are we protecting the planet, but recycled items can be used for many things such as turf fields, garden furniture, paper, clothes….It only takes a minute to throw something in the recycling bin.”

The Sustainable Office Program aligns with the university’s Campus Sustainability Plan 2020.  Purchasing Services acknowledges this by saying, “Implementing the Sustainable Office Program is a step in an ongoing process to directly support the campus sustainability efforts...As a team, we agree it is the right thing to do to limit our negative impact on the environment, going beyond just recycling bins.”

All certified offices are asked to share the news with their colleagues and nominate another office to participate in the program.  Let us know your office is interested in the program by filling out the registration form. A Sustainable Office team member will further discuss the program with your office before beginning. Join UBS in their environmental efforts and certify your office, whether it is a single room, a department, or an entire building!