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The Pride Center: Promoting Sustainability and Justice

Earlier this month, the Pride Center became a bronze certified office in the Sustainable Office Program by completing 30 sustainable actions. It took the office less than a month to complete the entire process.  The Pride Center is located in the University Center and it offers many worthwhile workshops and programs, such as LUally training.  The Pride Center also hosts events throughout the year that engage the entire Lehigh community. This past April, they held Pride-a-Palooza that included fun games, a ferris wheel, and many exciting giveaways. Pride-a-Palooza was a great way to bring the campus together.

Chelsea Fullerton took the lead for the Pride Center and became the Sustainable Office Representative. Fullerton shows her dedication to sustainability by saying, “Sustainability is critically important to our work in the Pride Center.  We believe that, as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated, ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,’ and environmental justice is no exception.” The Pride Center focuses on social equality. They work tirelessly each day to get their message out across campus and the center continues to make Lehigh a safe, accepting environment. For a sustainable future, we need equality, acceptance, and awareness throughout campus.

The Pride Center received an official certificate, a window decal, and customized email signature for becoming certified in the Sustainable Office Program. Fullerton encourages other offices to join in the cause by saying, “We hope that many other offices at Lehigh who consider themselves allies and advocates will be inspired to make this commitment alongside us.”  The Sustainable Office Program can be completed in 3 easy steps. First, you fill out  the registration form, then the Baseline Survey, and then the Checklist of Actions.

Get your office to join the program and earn a certificate and bragging rights! Let us know if your office is interested in the program by filling out the registration form.