Bringing Dreams to Life: The Technical Entrepreneurship Program’s Silver Certification

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Lehigh University’s Technical Entrepreneurship Program provides an opportunity for upperclassmen and graduate students to bring their dreams to life through an idea-to-venture process. Students are able to create, shape, and commercialize their own intellectual property in order to share their visions with the world. On April 12, the Technical Entrepreneurship Program became the 25th office on campus to become certified in the Sustainable Office Program. The Sustainable Office Program is a voluntary, self-guided program, where faculty and staff in offices can take the lead in promoting sustainability in the workplace. Offices that are a part of this program have brought enthusiasm and strength to their own offices, while inspiring other offices to improve their own sustainable practices.

Jodie Johnson took initiative as the Sustainable Office Representative and led her office through the certification process. Jodie’s desire to make campus - and the world - a better place is inspiring. Her dedication and hardwork awarded her office the silver certification, with an impressive 63 actions. The Technical Entrepreneurship Program was especially dedicated to reducing their food and dining impact and providing environmentally friendly beverage and product options for their office. These options include purchasing coffee and tea that is certified Fair Trade, direct trade, shade grown or organic, as well as having reusable mugs, dishware, and silverware available for all faculty, staff, and visitors to use. By eliminating wasteful products around the office and replacing them with more sustainable products, the Technical Entrepreneurship Program is taking strides towards changing habits both inside and outside of the workplace.

When Jodie was asked why she believes that sustainability and the Sustainable Office Program are important, she said that, “Every bit of sustainability that is done today will help continue to make a better tomorrow and help the future generations, including my sons.” Living and engaging in sustainable behaviors protects future generations in the long term, as well as improves the quality of life and the work environment in the short term. Being conscious of how our actions and products impact the world around us is the first step in creating real change. The Technical Entrepreneurship Program is always on the forefront of new ideas, and the program’s participation in the Sustainable Office Program is a preview of even more wonderful things to come.

The Technical Entrepreneurship Program hopes to learn more about what they can do to promote sustainability in their workplace, with the goal of recertifying for a higher level in the upcoming years. With such a strong determination to foster an educational environment that promotes innovation and healthy growth, we look forward to seeing what they are able to accomplish in the future. If your office would also like to join the movement and contribute to positive, sustainable change on Lehigh’s campus, you can register here, or email to learn more.