Department of Marketing's Jump from Bronze to Gold Certification

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The Department of Marketing made impressive strides in sustainability in the past four months since becoming bronze certified through the Sustainable Office Program (SOP) in January 2017. By setting achievable goals, the department was able to recertify and jump up to gold certification, achieving over 90 sustainable actions.

After first joining the Sustainable Office Program, the Department of Marketing decided to look internally and make some changes to their everyday office operations. They added reminders throughout their office to remind employees to conserve water, turn off the lights, etc. These reminders can be found under the resources section of the Sustainable Office Program website. The also made sure to have sustainability be a topic of conversation throughout the office and at staff meetings.

The Marketing Sustainable Office Representative is Nicole Carl, who has worked hard to help her office achieve a higher level of certification. She educates her colleagues on the importance of sustainability and urges them to be more environmentally aware. She realizes the value of the SOP when saying, “Our department believes that being sustainable is extremely important toward the environment, economic prosperity and social equity. Going green and being thoughtful with our sustainability habits is important because individual contributions and habits, small or big, can add up to create big effects on our environment.” The Department of Marketing realizes their small changes can lead to a great impact.

The Sustainable Office Program is an easy 4-step program that all offices should participate in to show their commitment to sustainability at Lehigh.  Register your office to begin the certification process.Whether your office is certifying for the first time, or recertifying for a higher level like Marketing, every bit of effort helps decrease Lehigh’s carbon footprint.