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Lehigh is committed to integrating sustainability throughout the university. While applying innovative approaches to reach ambitious sustainability goals that span through all campus operations and facilities, Lehigh is also coordinating and integrating sustainability education and communication in the classroom.  Students graduate from Lehigh prepared to lead, ready to solve today’s challenges while identifying opportunities to create a more healthy and sustainable future. 



• Complete an inventory of academic courses that include sustainability and make publicly available.

• Include sustainability as a learning outcome when graduating from degree earning programs.

• Conduct an annual sustainability literacy assessment that focuses on knowledge of sustainability topics and may also address values, behaviors and/or beliefs.

• Establish an ongoing program that offers incentives for faculty in multiple disciplines or departments to develop new sustainability courses and/or incorporate sustainability into existing courses or departments. The program specifically aims to increase student learning of sustainability. 


• Create and publicize an inventory of faculty who conduct research.

• Create program to encourage faculty sustainability research.

• Create ongoing library support for sustainability research and learning in the form of research guides, materials selection policies and practices, curriculum development efforts, sustainability literacy promotion, and e-learning objects focused on sustainability.

• Formally adopt an open access policy to ensure that versions of all future scholarly articles by faculty and staff and all future theses and dissertations are deposited into an open access repository.