Campus & Community Engagement

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The Lehigh campus is part of a global community where sustainable practices are woven into policy, in principle and in action at all levels of the institution. In its efforts to contribute to a sustainable future, Lehigh envisions campus-wide engagement toward sustainable practices through policy, analysis, implementation, and action. 



• Extend the peer-to-peer sustainability outreach program to reach 100% of undergraduate and graduate students by 2020.

• Provide an opportunity for all undergraduate, transfer and graduate students to participate in orientation activities and programming that include sustainability.

• Extend the faculty/staff peer-to-peer sustainability outreach program to reach an additional 8% of faculty and staff by adding 10 new offices per year.

• Cover sustainability topics in new employee orientation and/ or in outreach and guidance materials distributed to new employees, including faculty and staff.

• Provide training and professional development opportunities about sustainability available to all staff at least once a year.

• Create a lab program targeting behavioral change comprehensively across areas of energy, waste, water, and materials.


• Create a formal sustainability partnership with the local community that catalyzes community resiliency and local/regional sustainability.

• Begin institutional advocacy for national, state or local public policies that support campus sustainability, or otherwise advance sustainability.

• Become an institutional member of the Fair Labor Association and/or the Workers’ Rights Consortium.