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Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance


The Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance is a group of alumni, faculty and staff committed to sustainability — the economic, environmental, and social aspects – in professions and industries of the Lehigh community.

The goals of the Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance are:

  • To facilitate and create opportunities for Lehigh alumni to advance their careers in sustainability-focused and sustainability-related industries.
  • To strive to contribute to the on-campus academic and operational goals of the University through experiential learning opportunities.
  • To generate interdisciplinary connections that strengthen the reputation and support the mission and goals of Lehigh University.

With these goals in mind, and with a strong connection to Lehigh’s Office of Sustainability, Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance members are committed to bringing their experience and expertise back to Lehigh to help shape the next generation of professionals in the field as well as helping Lehigh alumni thrive professionally. 

For the past 150 years, long before the term “sustainability” became a hot topic in board rooms across the county, Lehigh had been embracing fundamental interdisciplinary concepts to educate students about cost-saving manufacturing techniques, environmentally-aware material designs, and socially conscious policy practices. The Lehigh Alumni Sustainability Alliance, and its affiliates, are here to carry on this tradition of sustainability for the next 150 years and beyond.

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If you are a Lehigh alumnus interested in sustainability and would like to become a member of the alumni alliance, click here or contact Eric Weiss, ’14:


Phone: (413) 265-5005

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