AASHE STARS: Operations

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Lehigh can positively impact the campus environment as well as the surrounding community by managing relevant aspects of institutional operations. Below are some highlights of our efforts within Operations.

  • Within the past 5 years, Lehigh has certified Williams Hall (LEED Gold) and Chandler-Ullmann (LEED certified), and is in the process of certifying four more buildings (HST Building, Singleton, Hitch, and Maida).
  • Reduced building energy use per square foot by 15.8% over 2007 baseline.
  • Lehigh purchased more clean and renewable energy than ever before.
  • Reduced total waste generated per weighted campus user by 15.94% over 2010 baseline. 



Percentage of STARS points earned for Air & Climate, Buildings, Energy, Dining Services, Grounds, Purchasing, Transportation, Waste and Water in 2019-2020

Operations Score Summary for 2019-2020