Sustainability Strategic Plan

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The plan will build on a legacy of integrating financially prudent, just, and verdant practices into our administrative, academic, and operational processes.
Planning Timeline

Lehigh embarked on a year-long strategic planning process, which kicked off in fall 2019.  The 10-year plan will be released to campus in fall 2020.

Plan Overview

This plan will be an institutional roadmap for taking bold action in the areas of climate action, campus operations, educational experience, culture & engagement, health & wellness, and focused leadership.

Plan Engagement

Throughout the strategic planning process, we are engaging with our talented campus and alumni community through the Lehigh Sustainability Council, campus workshops, and an Alumni Advisory Council.  We are also engaging with the Bethlehem community.

2019 Progress Report Scorecard

This scorecard shows the progress for each of our current sustainability goals.  Some of the yellow and red goals we are actively making progress on, while others are out of our control or institutional priorities have shifted.

Our plan will be organized into six strategic focus areas - climate action, campus operations, educational experience, culture & engagement, health & wellness, and focused leadership.

Focus Areas

Climate Action
Climate change presents a critical threat to our world today. Lehigh is committed to take action to address climate change by reducing institutional greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing the campus’ resiliency and adaptability.
Campus Operations
Lehigh’s operations impact the everyday lives of students, faculty, and staff. Lehigh is committed to taking bold actions in the areas of built environment, purchasing, mobility & connections, waste, water, and land stewardship to have a restorative impact on the surrounding environment and community.
Educational Experience
Lehigh is committed to integrating sustainability throughout the curriculum and research opportunities. Faculty, staff, and students utilize the campus as a living laboratory to identify opportunities and apply innovative approaches that reach ambitious goals.
Culture & Engagement
Lehigh is part of a global community where sustainable practices are woven into policy, both in principle and in action at all levels of the institution. Lehigh envisions campus-wide engagement toward sustainable practices and aims to promote equity, inclusivity, and diversity.
Health & Wellness
Lehigh aims to enhance the health, well-being, quality of life, and productivity of its students, faculty, and staff through the development of healthy infrastructures, food systems, policies, and wellness programs.
Focused Leadership
Lehigh is committed to integrating sustainability principles in the cultural fabric of the institution including the structure, policies, programs, and resources.
At a time when the world of higher education is facing new and complex challenges, our mission remains unchanged: We aim to develop the leaders of tomorrow, to foster and support the pursuit of new knowledge, and to make a positive and lasting impact in our community and our world.
President John D. Simon