Sustainability Tour

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Did you know that you can do a free, virtual Sustainability Tour of Lehigh's campus?

Lehigh recognizes its responsibility to be a model sustainable campus and to contribute to the health of our planet as a whole.  Lehigh is committed to integrating sustainability throughout our administrative, academic, and operational processes. As an institution, we strive to create a campus that merges environmentally responsible solutions with equitable community practices.  

Through our actions such as the promotion of electric vehicles and infrastructure, green buildings, installation of water refill stations, and waste minimization strategies, Lehigh's vibrant facutly, staff, and students have created many locations on campus that demonstrate Lehigh's commitment to sustainability.

Now, go experience this interactive sustainability tour directly to see some of Lehigh's sustainability efforts!

  • STEPS Building
    STEPS Building - LEED Gold Certified
    Lehigh has two LEED gold certified buildings on campus - STEPS and Williams Hall.
  • Bigbelly trash and recycling Throughout Campus
    Bigbelly Solar Compacting Trash and Recycling Bins
    Lehigh has 27 sets of solar compacting trash and recycling bins throughout campus.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Alumni Memorial Garage
    Lehigh has four electric vehicle charging stations on campus. Find them in the Alumni Parking Garage, Farrington Square Garage, Zoellner Parking Garage, and Iacocca South Parking Lot.
  • Electric Bus in the Lehigh Fleet
    BYD All Electric Bus
    Lehigh recently purchased an all electric bus and vehicle to add to its fleet.