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Are you a sustainability star? Are you helping to make Lehigh a more sustainable place? What is YOUR story? 

Please help us engage and inform the community about your sustainability initiatives, actions, and practices on campus. Every one of us, whether student, faculty, or staff has the opportunity to positively impact our environment. But as a community we won’t know about your accomplishments/pursuits unless you share them. Take a look at the examples below for some ideas about what sustainability stories might be in your area. Some of these stories will be posted on the web and in other publications, and will also be used for internal tracking of sustainability progress at Lehigh. Please tell us YOUR story by emailing!

  • Composting in Cort

  • LED lighting pilots

  • Water conservation efforts

  • Waste reduction or recycling efforts

  • Bike-to-work initiatives

  • Awareness-raising signage

  • Training efforts

  • Carpooling efforts

  • Sustainability related research including, but not limited to, applying sustainability research interests to the campus, such as working with students and staff to study the impacts of STEPS "green" roofs, smart grid technology, and arboreteum research

  • Efforts to cut waste out of your research, such as using more "green" products, cutting down on paper, etc.

Students (past and present)
  • Senior thesis work or course work that could impact how we understand sustainability challenges on campus and off,

  • Student organization initiatives (especially those that are collaborative with other groups)

  • Campaigns, lessons and products from internship experiences that impact sustainability performance and/or awareness