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Lehigh University is committed to preserving natural resources and recognizes the role that eliminating, reducing, reusing, and recycling serves in reducing the consumption of virgin resources and enhancing the sustainability of campus operations and maintenance. In 2016, Lehigh diverted 56 percent of its waste from the waste stream through recycling, composting, and donating. The more we recycle, the more we save money and contribute to a sustainable environment. You can do your part by understanding which materials are recyclable and how and where to recycle them.

What are the different streams on campus?



2020 Waste Diversion Goals

  • Minimize waste generated on campus by 10% over 2010 baseline

  • Increase recyclables by 10% over 2012 baseline

  • Divert all food waste from trash stream

Waste Diversion Rate = (Recycled Materials + Reused/Donated Materials + Composted Materials)/Overall total


Download a copy of the trash and recycling list.  

To request a trash or recycling bin, you may put in a work order.


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