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Lehigh was designated as a Tree Campus USA in 2022.

Campus trees are a key part of the Lehigh experience.  Throughout history, Lehigh leadership has both created and preserved the campus trees, green spaces, and the surrounding forests on campus.  One of the goals in Lehigh's Sustainability Strategic Plan is directly tied to Lehigh's trees.  The goal is to "form a committee and apply for Tree Campus USA designation by 2022. Complete a baseline campus tree inventory by 2022 and repeat the inventory every five years."  This committee has been formed (more info below), a campus tree inventory has been completed (see below), and we have received the Tree Campus USA designation.

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What is Tree Campus USA?

Tree Campus Higher Education was founded in 2008 to foster that tradition of excellence. The program provides a simple framework ffor colleges and universities to grow their community forests, achieve national recognition, and create a campus their students and staff are proud of. Learn more.

What are the certification requirements?

Standard 1: Campus Tree Advisory Committee

Standard 2: Campus Tree Care Plan

Standard 3: Dedicated annual expenditures for the Campus Tree Care Program

Standard 4: Arbor Day Observance

Standard 5: Service Learning Project

What is a campus tree care plan?

The campus tree care plan provides a framework for tree care on Lehigh University's three campuses; it outlines practices and procedures for planting, maintenance, and removing trees on campus. This plan ensures proper species selection, promote tree health, and ensure trees are replaced when removal becomes necessary. 

What does this mean for Lehigh?

Lehigh’s historic dedication to the preservation and stewardship of trees and forests in South Bethlehem endures today. Through the Tree Campus USA certification, Lehigh will ensure proper species selection, promote tree health, and ensure trees are replaced when removal becomes necessary as outlined in the Tree Care Plan and guided by the Campus Tree Advisory Committee.

Lehigh Tree Care Plan
Campus Tree Inventory
Lehigh Arbor Day Observance
Campus Tree Advisory Committee