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Lehigh Competes in 2016 RecycleMania Tournament

     Lehigh University is participating in the 2016 RecycleMania Tournament. This is the fourth year that Lehigh is participating in the competition.  The tournament officially began on February 7th and ends on April 2nd.  The goal of RecycleMania is to facilitate a friendly competition amongst college and university recycling programs across the United States and Canada in an attempt to promote waste reduction activities in campus communities.

     As part of the competition, each school reports the amount of recycling and trash it collects each week. This information is then used to rank the schools based on amount recycled, least amount of combined trash, as well as other categories. The winner will be recognized on RecycleMania’s website (, will be praised in a national press release, and will receive an award made out of recyclable materials.

     The Office of Sustainability would like the student body to participate enthusiastically!  As an involved member, you would get to take part in a national competition, as well as promote recycling habits and behaviors all around campus. The more people that get involved, the better chance Lehigh has at winning the competition and sustaining waste minimization and proper recycling at Lehigh.

Here are some ways you can contribute to the competition:

  • • Recycle all paper, cans, and plastic or glass bottles

  • • Avoid using Styrofoam, it is not recyclable

  • • Buy notebooks and supplies for class that use recycled paper (found in the bookstore)

  • • Bring your own mug or water bottle to class so you don’t need to buy from the vending machines

  • • When shopping, bring your own reusable bag

  • • Attend one of the office’s many RecycleMania events

     For more information on how to become involved, visit our Facebook page Sustainability at Lehigh University,  or visit our website at:


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