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Student Spotlight - Samuel Evers

Samuel Evers is a sophomore from Milford, PA.  He is pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development at Lehigh and he currently works for the Office of Sustainability and is in the Eco-Reps Program. Samuel has a passion for discovering how people use Earth's natural resources and helping people use these resources more efficiently.

This summer, Samuel is involved in the Lehigh Valley Shares (LV Shares) Mountaintop Project.  Sam is part of a team of 4 undergraduate students in addition to their mentor, Mark Orrs.  The LV Shares project is about creating a network for people, businesses, and organizations to donate and receive items that would have been otherwise discarded.  

LV Shares addresses the issue of environmental sustainability in the Lehigh Valley and aims to decrease consumption and waste generation. The goal is to establish a free website that connects parties with excess items with parties in need of those items, in order to eliminate waste and consumption of resources. Once operational, LV Shares will be self-sustaining for many years to come and will support progress toward a more sustainable community in the Lehigh Valley.

Samuel states that, “LV Shares will contribute to a stronger community, not only now, but also in the future.  When an item gets thrown in a landfill, the energy, water, and other resources that went into making that item go to the landfill as well.  As a result, avoiding sending items in landfills through reducing the amount that is consumed in the first place, reusing items, and recycling items saves water, energy, and resources.”