Lehigh Joins the Fair Labor Association (FLA)

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Lehigh University’s Trademarks and Licensing office, in partnership with the Office of Sustainability, is proud to announce that Lehigh is now an affiliated member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA)

The FLA “creates lasting solutions to abusive labor practices by offering tools and resources to companies, delivering training to factory workers and management, conducting due diligence through independent assessments, and advocating for greater accountability and transparency from companies, manufacturers, factories and others involved in global supply chains.” While 76% for our licensed vendors are already FLA members - our affiliation will ensure that all licensed vendors support fair labor practices going forward.

As stated by Lehigh’s Sustainability Officer, Katherine Targett Gross, "Lehigh pursued an affiliation with the Fair Labor Association to ensure that apparel bearing Lehigh's name and logo is produced under fair working conditions. The FLA provides independent monitoring and resources to protect workers' rights and improve working conditions in factories worldwide.  It was important to Lehigh to ensure that licensing revenue does not come at the expense of the workers that manufacture its collegiate products.”


By: Monika Skuriat Fritz