Staff & Faculty Sustainability Resource Guide

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We're delighted to present our Sustainability Resource Guide, exclusively designed for our dedicated staff and esteemed faculty members. This comprehensive guide is meticulously curated across four categories: Sustainable Workplace, Academic Resources, Campus Involvement, and Student Resources to Know. 

Embrace sustainable practices within our institution by exploring the Sustainable Workplace section, which offers valuable insights into fostering an eco-conscious work environment. Unveil a treasure trove of Academic Resources designed to infuse sustainability into your curriculum and research endeavors. Engage with the campus community through initiatives highlighted in the Campus Involvement category, fostering collaboration and driving positive change. Lastly, acquaint yourself with Student Resources to Know, ensuring you're well-equipped to support and guide our students in their sustainability journey. This guide is your gateway to joining us in fostering a sustainable campus while equipping you with the tools to support and equip our students to create a greener future.