Lehigh Receives $15,000 Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant

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In November 2019, Lehigh University Manager of Transportation Services, Bob Bruneio, and Sustainability Officer, Katharine Targett Gross, in collaboration with LU Facilities, I-CPIE, and the Western Regional Office, applied for a grant through the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The Office of Sustainability is proud to announce that Lehigh is one of 18 local governments, schools, businesses, and organizations to receive a portion of the $2.1 million grant.  The $15,000 grant Lehigh received will allow the university to replace two conventional fuel vehicles with two all-electric Chevrolet Bolts (the grant covers the incremental cost difference between a conventional vehicle and an electric vehicle).  These new vehicles will be used by project managers in LU Facilities to travel to and from project sites on all three campuses.  You can view an article about the grant recipients here.

“This represents an important step toward further implementing innovative, sustainable operational changes to optimize fuel efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and maximize capital investment at Lehigh. The ultimate goal is to transition the entire campus bus and vehicle fleet to run exclusively on renewable energy.  These changes will help build a campus community for the 21st century that enhances both Lehigh University and the state of Pennsylvania.  This grant is one small step in that direction,” said Katharine.